We bring local Knowledge to our clients, offering innovative solutions, insight into cutting-edge developments and delivering solutions that increase business efficiency.

Dekings Global Communication International Limited – DGC International,  strategic business is focused on excellent services that meet the voice and data rollout strategies of our clients. From GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, 3G and 4G. Our service offerings include Radio Network Design and  Planning, Radio Network Optimization, Transmission Planning-Microwave and VSAT, Network Deployment and System Integration, Site Acquisition, Civil Design and Structural Implementation,Integrated Site Maintenance Service, and Diesel Supply Management.


Planning and Design

  • Technical Site Survey
  • Rf Planning and Survey
  • MW LOS Planning and Survey


  • Cluster optimization drive testing
  • Site Verification / Cell Shakedown drive test
  • KPI/Final Acceptance drive test
  • Competitive benchmarking (up to 7networks) drive test
  • Data Post-Processing and Analysis
  • Frequency retune
  • Network Parameter optimization

Interference Analysis

  • MW frequency scanning
  • Rf frequency scanning

DGC provides a total turnkey in-building solution, with the initial focus being on the evaluation of any proposal to ensure its commercial viability.

We forge strategic alliances with exceptional complementary service and equipment providers. These range from global providers of fiber optic solutions through coaxial cable installation contractors to site acquisition and management firms.

Our goal is to ensure that we are in a position to offer choice. We evaluate which in-building solution is right for your business needs and then implement it, with support from our partners as required.

DGC DAS Solutions

  • Active DAS
  • Passive DAS
  • Hybrid DAS

DGC DAS Activities

  • Survey
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Walk test

Our Equipment Vendors

We are familiar with DAS equipment suppliers like;


  • Comba
  • Andrew
  • Rosenberger
  • Shilpi
  • Katherine
  • Ericsson
  • Huawei

We are able to provide a complete life cycle service from the design, supply, pre-delivery testing, installation, through to ongoing routine maintenance, inspections, testing, decommissioning and disposals.

Our Services include;

  • Solar panel supply and installation
  • Battery supply and Installation
  • Inverter Installation
  • Inspection and Report
  • Capacity, Discharge and Load Testing
  • Decommissioning, Handling and Disposal
  • Battery Maintenance, Impedance and Conductance Testing

Battery and Charger Maintenance


  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Installation
  • Solar System and Battery Installation
  • Grounding System Installation and Testing
  • Tower Erection (Guyed and Self-supporting)
  • Shelter and Equipment Room Installation
  • Antenna & Cable Installation and Testing


  • Project Management
  • Site Acquisition
  • Design Engineering
  • Construction Management

DGC Optical Fiber installation services include the following;


  • Total Design and Route Survey (Land and Area installation)
  • Right of Way permissions
  • Civil Works
  • Supply and Installation of fiber cables
  • Earthling and Link Testing (OTDR)
  • Submission of As-built drawings
  • Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable
  • OFC Network Maintenance (24/7)
  • Enterprise Network Services
  • Equipment Installation Services
  • Verifications and Testing
  • Enterprise Network Maintenance
  • NOC Services
  • Field Operations Support
  • Passive Infrastructure Maintenance/Repairs