Construction Services

  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Installation
  • Solar System and Battery Installation
  • Grounding System Installation and Testing
  • Tower Erection (Guyed and Self-supporting)
  • Shelter and Equipment Room Installation
  • Antenna & Cable Installation and Testing

Solar System And Battery Installation Services

We are able to provide a complete life cycle service from the design, supply, pre-delivery testing, installation, through to ongoing routine maintenance, inspections, testing, decommissioning and disposals.

We have offer services for Ericsson, BOT, BISWAL, MERIT TELECOMS, RUBITEC SOLAR, HOTSPOT.

Our Services include;

  • Solar panel supply and installation

  • Battery supply and Installation

  • Inverter Installation

  • Inspection and Report

  • Capacity, Discharge and Load Testing

  • Decommissioning, Handling and Disposal

  • Battery Maintenance, Impedance and Conductance Testing

  • Battery and Charger Maintenance

Network Design and Implementation Services

Planning and Design

  • Technical Site Survey

  • Rf Planning and Survey

  • MW LOS Planning and Survey


  • Cluster optimization drive testing

  • Site Verification / Cell Shakedown drive test

  • KPI/Final Acceptance drive test

  • Competitive benchmarking (up to 7networks) drive test

  • Data Post-Processing and Analysis

  • Frequency retune

  • Network Parameter optimization

Interference Analysis

  • MW frequency scanning

  • Rf frequency scanning